Dr. Henderson has been teaching music for over seventeen years.

She recognizes and nurtures the unique talents and interests of each of her students.  Her teaching philosophy is based on the belief that each person learns at an individual pace, therefore her method is designed to support the individual needs of the students.  Her studies with some of the best teachers in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the USA, have allowed her to develop a teaching approach that combines the best qualities of different piano schools.  She teaches students of all ages and all levels. 

Her Art of Music Studio is located in Eagle Rock, in the vicinity of Pasadena, La Canada, San Marino, and Glendale.  She is a member of the Music Teachers’ Association of California, so her students have an opportunity to perform at numerous recitals, festivals, and competitions, and

participate in the Certificate of Merit program.



Dr. Henderson offers various programs in the Art of Music Studio that include:
- group music classes “Fun in La-La Land” for toddlers 1-3 years old, filled with fun musical activities, such as songs with rhythm and movement, rhymes, music games, puppet stories, and much more.   The classes are organized in 8 weeks sessions throughout the year;
- group music classes “Introduction to Keyboard Concepts” for children 3-5 year old.

The classes are organized in 8 weeks sessions throughout the year;
-  individual music classes for young students starting at age four that encourage piano playing, note reading, singing, and rhythm development;
- individual piano classes from beginning to advanced levels (for children and adults).  Concert performance consultations, piano master classes, and classes for college preparation are also available;
- theory, note reading, ear training, playing by ear, sight reading, and solfege classes that can be taken separately or included as a part of the piano study;
- composition classes;
- music appreciation and music history classes.



Dr. Henderson has taught more than a hundred private piano students.  She has also taught group classes of piano, ensemble performance, and theory for children and adults while working at the Los Angeles Yamaha Music School (1994-1997).


In 1994 Dr. Henderson received special training by the

Yamaha Music Corporation to teach young children using the Yamaha method.