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"Music does make a difference."

 Reviewers and pianists agree that Sanya performs energetically, vigorously, showing subtle musicality and exceptional musicianship. Her rich performing experience includes solo recitals, festivals and chamber music concerts, as well as performances at private events in the USA, France, Yugoslavia and Macedonia. Dr. Henderson has also been a musical director and performer for several theater plays. She led the ensemble and performed the entire score for the “Three Penny Opera” by Brecht and Weill at the Theatre West in Hollywood (2001). Reviewers praised her musical supervision and her “mighty” piano performance.

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 Dr. Henderson has won many awards for her outstanding playing:

  - six first prizes at the Macedonian regional competitions for solo piano performance (1975, 1976, 1978, 1982, 1985, 1987)

  - first prize at the Macedonian regional competition for chamber music (1984)

  - first prize at the Yugoslav federal competition for chamber music (1984)

  - a second prize (1985) and a third prize (1978) at  the Yugoslav federal

competition for solo piano performance.


 Besides performing as a solo artist, Dr. Henderson enjoys playing chamber music with other musicians.

She has collaborated with flutists Budimka Imeri, Silvana Culeva, and Lilly Lukic (Duo Appassionato), violinists George Burke and Tomislav Dimov, and the mezzosoprano Tamara Markovic.  Her repertoire includes a wide selection of classical concert pieces and popular tunes.

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