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"Music does make a difference."

  Sanya Henderson composes music primarily for theater and film. Her music is engaging, sensual, witty and versatile. In her projects for theater and film, Dr. Henderson displays tremendous sensitivity to the subject matter and the script’s inner dynamics, and pays remarkable attention to detail. Her music is rich with fascinating ambiences and moods, and although her roots are in classical music, she possesses a fresh, modern, and unique approach, combining influences from her upbringing in Macedonian folk music, to modern American pop.



   Her theatre credits include original music for Ray Bradbury's plays “The Time of Going Away” (2003), “The October Country” (2003), “Drunk and in Charge of a  Bicycle” (2004), and “Next in Line” (2004), Leonid Andreyev's “He Who Gets Slapped” (2003), Don Nigro's “Necropolis” (2003) and others. She composed original scores for the short movie “Lookin’ For Some Posse” (2005), directed by GavinCarlton, and the horror feature movie “Killing Ariel” directed by Fred Calvert and David Negron Jr. (2008, available on Amazon prime).

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